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2008-02-09 03:10:48 by MattehX9

Due to the madness flash i was making known as "Madness: Retarted". i DECIDED to scrap it because not many people thought it was a good idea and title. I am using a better flash program better than Macromedia... i cannot tell what its called though but i may someday. Anyway enjoy the very first pic of my big project im working on...



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2008-02-09 04:47:57

toon boom? swift 3D?

MattehX9 responds:

Look down at nuttro's comment :)


2008-02-09 06:13:26

na you got it all wrong, lawl macromedia is the profesional way to animate, it has everything, it just depends on what version you have

MattehX9 responds:

Its the latest version of macromedia :) It would not be the same with another program...