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My Novel Im Working On

2008-07-06 00:56:17 by MattehX9

Read it and tell me how it is. Ill post more chapters if alot of people like it.

Chapter One: SYS Corp.

My name is Nathan Hale, I was kidnapped in 1999 by the SYS Corp. I've been missing for nine years and my family is still looking for me. I haven't yet been notified why I was taken from them but they did say it was for an important reason. All these years they have been testing muscle enhancers and mind control drugs on me. Every single day I have to have needles injected into me until they have the right results of the drug. Right now I'm in my pitch white little cell which is` almost brighter than the sun. It's hard falling asleep in here because it never goes dark, it's like a non-stopping flash bang. Everyday there is a Scientist in my cell with a tray figuring out which drug they have to give me today, even for them it's confusing. I'm getting insaner every day in this hell-like place. My arms are getting tired of having thin pieces of metal with fluid in them poked into me. I'm starting to lose it very soon if they don't at least let me see another human being instead of some Scientist I see everyday. They won't even let me go to the bathroom for 5 minutes. They won't even let me walk around the hallway when there are over 50 guards around it. Luckily I write in my little notebook I have. I have over 500 pages of my life in it. The people who check my cell never find it or see it because I keep it under the floor. If they knew all of this I would be executed because they told me that they cant let people on the outside get information about this project, or I will get brutally executed.


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